May 21, 2024

All Star Nominations


[Important Terminology: “League” = Baystate, “League Subdivision” = Baystate Carey]

EMGLCA All-Star selections represent the best high school players in Eastern Massachusetts.  1st Team selections are based solely on skill level without any restrictions for school representative, position, or grade.  2nd Team and Honorable Mention selections are designed to reward the next tiers of athletes based on skill level, but also incorporate league designations so that at least one player from each EMGLCA recognized league subdivision is represented on at least one All-Star team.


Each team is allowed to nominate a maximum of 4 field players and 1 goalkeeper.  Nominees must be members of an MIAA-recognized varsity team and must meet 4 out of the 11 nomination criteria.  (Nominees from independent schools must meet 3 out of the 11 criteria.)

Criteria include:

  1. 1st Team League All Star – current year
  2. League Rankings
    1. Field Players: Top 12 Field Player in league ranking
    2. Goalies: Top 4 Goalie in league ranking
  3. Team Captain, League MVP, or League Player of the Year – current year
  4. 2 Year Varsity Lacrosse Letter Winner
  5. Regional Team Selection (current or previous years)
    1. USA Lacrosse Women’s National Tournament: MA/RI Region
    2. American Select: Massachusetts Region
    3. New Balance All-America: New England Region
  6. Previous All-American Selection
  7. Previous Boston Globe All Scholastic Selection
  8. Previous Boston Herald All Scholastic Selection
  9. Previous EMGLCA All Star Selection
  10. Previous League All Star Selection
  11. Varsity letter winner in a second sport


Coaches from MIAA recognized teams submit a completed nomination form (Field Player and/or Goalie) via the EMGLCA website for each player on or before Friday, May 24, 2024. (Nominations will not be accepted after the deadline).

Coach Role:

  • Each coach is responsible for submitting accurate player nominations by the deadline

League Rep Role:

  • League reps must ensure that all coaches in his/her league are (1) aware of the EMGLCA All-Star nomination criteria and (2) submit a nomination for by the deadline. League reps should double check that each player in their league has been successfully nominated and appear on the list of eligible candidates prior to voting.
  • Each league rep should bring the league rankings with them to the meeting (or have it filled out on a shared google doc)

League Post-Season Meeting:

  • It is recommended that each league hold its post-season meeting prior to the EMGLCA All-Star nomination deadline.
  • Each league should complete:
    • League All-Stars
    • League Rankings (top 12 field and top 4 goalies)
  • This way, all information is accurate and up-to-date for the EMGLCA All-Star nomination form


A meeting will be held prior to the start of the MIAA tournament for the purpose of selecting EMGLCA All-Stars on Sunday, June 2, 2024.  The Selection Committee is made up of the EMGLCA Board Members and a League Representative from each of the EMGLCA recognized leagues and league subdivisions.

Any league which does not send a representative to the meeting will forfeit their voting rights and additionally, their ability to secure an All-Star selection.  Nominees with previous All-Scholastic or EMGLCA All-Star selections are not automatic re-selections.  The Selection Committee has the right to name more or less than 20 selections at any level based on voting results (ties, etc.)

The Selection Process is as follows:

  1. All players nominated from Eastern Massachusetts high school varsity programs (irrespective of division) will appear on the 1st Team EMGLCA All-Star ballot. League representatives will select a total of 20 players (18 field players and 2 goalies). Nominees with the highest number of votes will earn 1st Team EMGLCA All-Star.
  2. All nominated players not selected to the 1st Team will then appear on the EMGLCA All-Star ballot for 2nd Team consideration. League reps will then select 20 more players (18 field players and 2 goalies). Nominees receiving the highest number of votes will earn 2nd Team EMGLCA All-Star.
  3. The EMGLCA All-Star Selection Committee will review the league subdivisions that have not yet been represented on the 1st or 2nd Teams. Nominees from those league subdivisions will be posted for league reps to review in order to ensure that each league is represented on at least one All-Star team.
  4. All nominated players not selected to the 1st or 2nd Teams will then appear on the EMGLCA All-Star ballot for Honorable Mention consideration. League reps will select 20 more players (18 field players and 2 goalies). League reps are required to vote for one nominated player from any league subdivision who has not yet been represented with a 1st or 2nd Team EMGLCA All-Star selection AND who has a representative present. Nominees receiving the highest number of votes will earn EMGLCA All-Star Honorable Mention.

In the event of a tie (two or more players receiving the same number of votes), the tie will be broken using the following procedures:

  1. If the tie falls among 2 players, coaches can vote to include both players on the All-Star team.
  2. If more than two players are involved in the tie, those three or more players will be voted on again by League Reps.