July 25, 2024

2024 Season Updates

2024 Season Updates


*MIAA Tournament Updates

  1. Power seeding has begun – please make sure that scores are entered correctly and in a timely manner!
  2. Proposed timeline, depending on field/facility availability
    1. May 27 – Cutoff
    2. May 28 – Review
    3. May 29 – Seedings released
    4. May 30 – June 3: Preliminary and first round games
    5. June 3 – 5: Round of 16
    6. June 6 – 8: Round of 8
    7. June 10 – 11: State semis
    8. June 13-14: State finals
  3. MIAA is going to try to release the host sites for state semis and state finals when the brackets are released so that schools can be prepared

*Important Reminders from the Officials Report:

  1. NFHS Rulebook points of emphasis is horizontal stick-to-body contact. Officials would like coaches to remind players that horizontal stick-to-body contact is NOT allowed.  Please focus on instructing players to keep their sticks between 10 and 2.
  2. Officials would like assistance from coaches/teams to ensure that fields are ready for play.  Please make sure that other equipment is removed from the field (i.e. soccer goals pushed back, track hurdles pushed away from the field, etc) so that the officials do not have to do it themselves.
  3. Ensure that there is a scorers’ table that is adequately staffed for game administration.
  4. The JV and Varsity games should follow the same timing rules.  Please assume that the JV game will be the same length as the varsity game, EXCEPT when coaches from both teams agree to modify the time (i.e 4 x 12:00 running time)


The spring season will start on Monday, March 18th.

*IMPORTANT UPDATE from the MIAA Tournament Management Committee: The TMC discussed [the Lacrosse committees’] recommendation for the MOV (Margin of Victory) change at their last meeting in January. At that meeting they paused to allow TMC members to elicit feedback from their districts. Today at the TMC meeting they voted to adjust the MOV to 7 beginning this Spring 2024.*


2024 NFHS Rules Changes: nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/girls-lacrosse-rules-changes-2024/

2024 NFHS Points of Emphasis: nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/2024-girls-lacrosse-points-of-emphasis/