July 25, 2024


March 1, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Athletic Complex at Governor’s Academy
Newbury, MA 01922
Jan. 22 is $35. Registration (Jan. 23 – Feb. 15) is $40. Late Registration (Feb. 16 – Feb. 27) is $45. Walk-in Registration starts at 8:30am on March 1 and is $50

GROTON MA – Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League (MBGLL) and Eastern Massachusetts Girls Lacrosse Coaches Association (EMGLCA) are pleased to announce the 2015 New England Youth & High School Women’s Lacrosse Coaches’ Convention scheduled on March 1 from 9a – 12p at the Governor’s Academy Athletic Complex in Byfield MA.  12 speakers from the East Coast are converging on Massachusetts to participate in this annual event.  It is a fantastic opportunity for those coaches from New England who are unable to travel to the US Lacrosse National Convention to learn from some of the best trainers in women’s lacrosse.

Jodi Blackburn of Montrose School says, “It is a must-see for coaches in the area!”

Convention Flyer 2015 v10 copy

The speakers include Abby Burbank (US Lacrosse Trainer) – Making Skills Training Fun, Fun, Fun!; Jodi Blackburn (Montrose School) – At Your Fingertips, Resources for Coaches; Laura Darby McNally (US Lacrosse Sports, Science & Safety Committee; Middlesex School) – Injury Trends in Girls Lacrosse: Emphasis on ACL Prevention & Concussions; Courtney Farrell (Tufts University) – Between the Lines: The Transition and the Ride; Rich Fulvie (Wolfpack & Rewards School of Lacrosse) How to Train a Goalie; Harvard University Coach TBA – Offensive Motion and Shooting; Joe Kacevich (Central Mass Club Lacrosse) – Organizing a Great Practice Plan; Emily Kiablick (Wheaton College) – Zone Defense in Ride and Settled Positions; Joanna Lingnelli (US Lacrosse & PCA Trainer; STX Key Account Director) – The Draw and 3 v 3 Circle Tips; Roberta McLain (US Lacrosse Women’s Game Committee, Governor’s Academy) Early Recruitment in High School Athletes: Stemming the Race for Younger “Commits”; Michelle Smith (Babson College) – Attacking Principles and Basic Offensive Movements; Rick Terrio (Fitchburg State College) – Coaching from U9 through College:  Progress at Each Level

Christine Habermann, Executive Director of MBGLL, states “Every year at the US Lacrosse National Convention I learn so many tips and tricks that have helped me to improve my coaching, officiating, and league administrative skills. Several years ago I discussed with the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of US Lacrosse (EMASS) the possibility of hosting a conference in our area so that all coaches have a similar opportunity for learning.  At our November Eastern Massachusetts Chapter Meeting I was able to connect with Annie Pugh, a representative from EMGLCA, and we put together this amazing convention for our coaches.  Our goal is to eventually grow this event to include an exhibition game as well as the entire New England Lacrosse Community, including women’s college coaches, the men’s game coaches and lacrosse officials. ”

Annie Pugh of EMGLCA states “We are thankful to have sponsors such as EMASS, STX, and Governor’s Academy to help support the efforts of MBGLL and EMGLCA.  It takes the efforts of so many different organizations and individuals to make a lacrosse convention a success.”

This year the New England Youth and High School Women’s Lacrosse Coaches’ Convention will feature local vendors.  Coaches should come prepared to negotiate pre-season packages and to purchase supplies for the lacrosse season.  Please support these vendors.  Submit vendor applications on www.mbgll.org under individual registrations or click NELAXCON VENDORS.

All coaches of the women’s game from U9 through High School are invited to attend.  The convention has scheduled topics that are appropriate for coaches at each level of play.

Register at www.mbgll.org by clicking the NELAXCON button or by going to “individual registrations” in the left column.  Early bird pricing by Jan. 22 is $35.  Registration (Jan. 23 – Feb. 15) is $40.  Late Registration (Feb. 16 – Feb. 27) is $45.  Walk-in Registration starts at 8:30am on March 1 and is $50.  High School Coaches’ registrations include membership in EMGLCA. US Lacrosse membership is required for attendance.  Coaches are encouraged to sign up early to take advantage of the scaled pricing.  For more information regarding the 2015 New England Youth & High School Women’s Lacrosse Coaches’ Convention, visit www.mbgll.org and look under N.E. Convention.

The event will take place in the Athletic Complex at Governor’s Academy, 1 Elm Street, Byfield MA 01922.  To Register, click NELAXCON.  The handle for this event is #NELAXCON.